Mirage24 Intimate Mask

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  • The world's first intimate mask
  • Advanced restorative system
  • Skin smoothing & rejuvenating effect
  • Especially formulated for the intimate area
  • 'Spa-level' results from 15 minutes
  • Recommended by beauty experts

Contains 3 masks

Each box contains 3 highly-potent masks, individually air-sealed for maximum integrity. Use 1 mask per application.

Suggested Use:

  • 3 times a week for noticeable results
  • Daily as an intensive treatment
  • Or as often as needed for an instant boost

A luxe intimate mask for the intimate area that revitalizes your skin by giving it an instant lifting effect, which leaves you visibly younger looking. From first use, skin appears smooth, tightened and rejuvenated. Results are visible within 15-30 minutes and start to peak after 5 hours. Results can last for up to 24 hours. Continued usage leaves skin with more gradual improvement. Sensitive/normal skin.

Perfect for:

  • Before a date
  • Post wax (to soothe)
  • In the press:

    BIOXIDEA as seen in Harper's Bazaar magazine  BIOXIDEA as seen in Vogue magazine   BIOXIDEA as seen in Cosmopolitan magazine   

    • BIOXIDEA Mirage24 collection is featured in Vogue as beauty hunter, Rebeca Cirujano's favourite
    • Harper's Bazaar features BIOXIDEA Mirage24 Intimate Mask in "Beauty Top Eight"
    • As seen in Cosmopolitan "BODYLOVE Intimate"
    • Featured in Madam Figaro magazine - "Advanced Beauty"

      BIOXIDEA featured as Harper's Bazaar Top Pick

      Why not try it as part of a set?

      Mineral oil-free
      All skin types
      Natural origin

      Mirage24 Intimate Mask is part of BIOXIDEA Mirage24 Collection, a full-body suite of targeted treatments for areas that need the most care.

      Experience beautiful and delicate skin rejuvenation

      Formulated for all skin types and especially adapted for the most sensitive of skin.

      The science behind Mirage24 collection:

      BIOXIDEA Mirage24 is based on patented Bio-Cellulose technology and is used for hydrating, nourishing and brightening the skin. This new generation of masks continuously infuses highly enriched nutrients into the skin providing fast and effective nourishment. BIOXIDEA Mirage24 works very fast as a skin relaxing agent and is effective at visually smoothing overall line depth and fine lines on the skin.

      Questions and Answers

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      What is a mask?

      Masks add another dimension to the beauty routine and are designed to provide powerful benefits to skin.

      Is BIOXIDEA Mirage24 Intimate Mask safe to use before a romantic date?

      BIOXIDEA MIRAGE24 Intimate Mask has been especially formulated from years of research and can be used any time of the day, as well as whenever one needs a little pampering and a little boost.

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      What People are Saying

        “TOP EIGHT — Worth more than they cost, they are unique editions, coveted for their rarity and effectiveness. INTIMATE MASKS: Cosmetics for our most intimate area. For a lifting effect below the waist: Mirage24 Intimate Mask by Bioxidea” (Translated from Spanish)

      • via: Harper's Bazaar magazine

      • “WOW!!! The secret is out. The latest revolution in body treatments is taking Paris by storm. Based on the French woman’s approach in beauty, this mask is intended to treat the most intimate parts, in minutes, with a noticeable flash effect. Results? Skin is revitalized thanks to an instant lifting effect with an appearance of younger-looking skin. Mirage24 Intimate Mask by BIOXIDEA” (Translated from Spanish)

      • via: Marie Claire magazine

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