BIOXIDEA Jamie @jamzzbaby

Good morning 💕 I really want to share something with you guys. But before you judge & think it's just another chick on Instagram advertising a product.... Slow your roll | I've been wanting to try these products out for sometime now, & when I received my package I promised I would try the products out for at least 3 weeks before posting! It's mainly a two step process morning and night but also came with a BB cream, that I'm also obsessed with. before using these products I don't know what I was doing wrong, but my face was freakingggg out & so was I lol! But I'm so grateful for the difference it has been making. As a makeup artist / model my face is important!!!! So I just want to Thank @bioxidea for actually making a product that works. And I will be sticking to this regime  👌#bioxideawoman #beauty #skincare #mua #model #luxury

Jamie @jamzzbaby