BIOXIDEA Inspiration Elevate your bath ritual

Elevate your bath ritual

BIOXIDEA is the perfect choice for a luxurious skincare experience. Combining natural elements to elevate your bath ritual, its unique formula will restore and rejuvenate your skin. Botanical extracts help provide the perfect balance of hydration, nourishment, and protection. Experience the difference with BIOXIDEA.
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BIOXIDEA Charly Jordan @charlyjordan10

Charly Jordan @charlyjordan10

🌟 THIS GOLD FACE MASK BY @bioxidea LITERALLY MAKES ME FEEL LIKE ROYALTY DURING MY MILK BATH 👄 Thank you so much, my skin feels like bliss! #BIOXIDEA

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BIOXIDEA Lola @lola_mori

Lola @lola_mori

Hello Clarice. 🛀 #facemask #bioxidea

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BIOXIDEA Marta Magdalena Stępień @stepien.magdalena

Marta Magdalena Stępień @stepien.magdalena

Afternoon relaxation. #Obsessed with the @bioxidea 24K gold face masks. #bubblebath #facemask #relax #Bioxidea

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BIOXIDEA Elisa Meliani @elisameliani

Elisa Meliani @elisameliani

Bathtime 🛀 with my Miracle Gold Mask ✨ @bioxidea #bioxidea #beauty #luxury #sunday

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BIOXIDEA Megan Blake Irwin @meganblakeirwin

Megan Blake Irwin @meganblakeirwin

face and body bliss✨Face mask dissolves in bath water for a luxurious full body treat and glow! #model #img #imgworldwide #imgmodels #luxury #skincare #Bioxidea #bioxideabeauty

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BIOXIDEA Jordanna Mae Vyse @jordannavyse

Jordanna Mae Vyse @jordannavyse

Can't even begin to describe my love for this @bioxidea gold face mask. Face feels like a lil ripe 🍑 and it's shimmery ⭐ #bioxidea #goldfacemask

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BIOXIDEA Naila @pipaplu

Naila @pipaplu

like a Princess with the amazing Element 48 Gold Mask

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BIOXIDEA Jaimie Tucker @jaimie_tucker

Jaimie Tucker @jaimie_tucker

Been getting up early in the morning to have a little “me time”. For most of my life, have enjoyed sleeping in, though have found that once I’m up, it feels good to be able to do my own thing without interruption. It’s become a habit, and I’m most productive during these quiet mornings when the rest of the house is still asleep. This morning I pampered myself with a bubble bath & @bioxidea Miracle 24 Haute Skin Care Face Mask. Heading into Boston today and my skin feels smooth, supple & lifted. Imagine I’ll pop on a mask before a big night out, liking the lifted effect! #metime #skincare #gifted

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