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We all wish we could magically wake up one day with clean skin. Well, thanks to Bioxidea, we can...

We all want to look radiant on our wedding day. We know the make-up artist we’ve hired will be able to do wonders, but there’s no denting it – the clearer your skin, the better the results.

For many, no amount of healthy living can minimise the damages age, lifestyle and genes inflict upon our skin. We’ve tried every product under the sun to attempt to cover up our blemishes – but wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a product out there that miraculously made our skin not simply look and feel fresher and cleaner, but actually transform it altogether?

Good news. There is such a product!

Miracle 24 is a highly effective rejuvenating product that reduces existing wrinkle depth and plumps the skin to help smooth away fine lines. Where wrinkles or lines are not present it plumps the tissue, leaving the skin looking revitalised. The results are not only impressive on people with lines and wrinkles but also on those without any wrinkles at all, due to the product’s revitalis ing effects. Results are visible within 15-30 minutes and start to peak after five hours. Results can last for up to 24 hours.

Using patented Bio Cellulose technology, the Miracle24 product range is a highly effective range of 100% organic anti-aging skin treatments for the face, hands, feet, neck and breasts, developed to help women and men both look and feel younger.The key active ingredient within Miracle 24’s formula are all natural products including acetobacter bacteria, coconut juice, capsicum fruit extract, aloe vera, cucurbita pepo (pumpkin extract), camellia sinensis leaf water, undaria pinnatifida extract, marine collagen and sodium hyaluronate. The Bioxidea range of products has followed the growing trend of adding precious ingredients to all products: gold dust can be found in their Miracle 48 Gold Face and

Body Lift and diamond dust can be found in their Miracle 48 Diamond Face and Body Lift. Gold and diamond dust are minerals attributed with various benefits such as combating wrinkles and improving skin prone to acne. Bioxidea is suitable for all skin types. Before use, please consult your dermatologist if you suffer from sore or broken skin, redness, dermatitis or any other skin condition.

There are many Bioxedia products out there to suit your skin, all helping to minimise overall line depth and fine lines on the skin, and brighten the complexion. With Bioxidea on hand to givve you such magical results, your bridal make-up artist may well find herself out of a job...

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