BIOXIDEA News Courtney Love shares her love of BIOXIDEA Masks

Courtney Love shares her love of BIOXIDEA Masks

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Courtney Love on Bioxidea Masks as told to Into The Gloss:
"When I like something, I am pretty loyal. And I never use things that don’t work.
And a few months ago, I discovered this Bioxidea Miracle 24 face mask that I’m wearing right now, which is crazy. You wait, like, 20 minutes and it dissolves into your skin.
I love it. I got it at Sundance, and I'm on my last mask right now. I'm tweeting them tomorrow three times. I need more! They also have one for your hands, your feet, which I did last night. There’s even one for your titties. I haven’t done the boobs mask one yet—you just stick it on your tits, apparently. I have to try it. But I did the foot one and the hand one yesterday, and it makes my skin crazy. It’s like I just had sex for four days." (via:
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