BIOXIDEA News BIOXIDEA via InStyle: Yes, Boob Masks Exist and We Put Them To The Test

BIOXIDEA via InStyle: Yes, Boob Masks Exist and We Put Them To The Test

One of the greatest things about the beauty world is that you can pretty much name a body part and more often than not, there's a treatment that exists to address specifically the body part you have in mind. That's quite literally the beauty of working, living and breathing in the industry in the year 2016. Face masks are nothing new, and neither are sheet masks, but sheet masks for your breasts? That's pretty intriguing. There are a lot of reasons why the concept piqued my interest, the first being that I tend to neglect that area. If you're reading this and disagree with me I'd like to ask you when the last time you moisturized your boobs was, because I'm on the more fastidious end of the spectrum and that's an area of my body that is oft forgotten. And that's a crying shame. Learning to love your whole body is quite literally a lifetime effort, so why not give it a little extra love in the form of a treatment and see where that takes you. Meet the Bioxidea Miracle24 Breast Mask, quite honestly the most pleasant body treatment I've ever used. And I say that as someone who, for a really long time, didn't have the greatest relationship with her boobs. I'm a woman who is definitely shapely, but more shapely in my caboose as opposed to my bust. For years, I waited and waited for when I would have cleavage. That day didn't come, but I can say that as opposed to 10 years ago, I actually really like my small, pert breasts. I don't have to wear a bra— in fact I loathe wearing them. As for cleavage? It's something I realized isn't in the cards, but that doesn't mean that I don't have to like the way I look. That said, I tend to neglect them, which isn't cool. Nipples chafe, man. There, I said it! My point is: your breasts, big or small deserve some TLC, in the form of a mask. The selection from Bioxidea comes in the same format as the regular sheet mask, except for they are like two little patches. You open the package, and place each on a busom for about 15-30 minutes. During that time you'll need to be topless and probably horizontal, so just make sure your roommate isn't coming home unannounced, or do this in the privacy of your bed chamber. For half an hour, your bubbies will be treated with a stimulating blend of active ingredients from hyaluronic acid (plump and hydration central) to hydrolyzed collagen (major key for firmeness and elasticity) and you'll remove the masks to perkier boobs. I swear. Your skin tone in that area will be radiant, and your breasts will be hydrated and tightened. Like, noticably so. It's the perfect ritual before a big night in with your significant other *wink*. Or a total stranger, no judgement, do you girl! The key to these masks though is to massage the serum in after you remove them. That's how you will get the most benefit. And, it just so happens to be a great time to do a self-exam on your breasts. It's good to know what's going on, and with these masks you'll be getting a beauty treatment as a bonus for being a responsible adult. Seriously, your health is your wealth— it's breast cancer awareness month and that should start with awareness of your own. (via:
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