BIOXIDEA via Beauty Editors Share Their All-Time Best Tips—and Where We Learned Them From


Don't be afraid to mix skincare products.

Source: Dermatologist

"I love cocktailing serums together to knock out essentially every skincare concern with one super-potent punch. This is something I feel like I never would have known if I wasn't in the industry—mixing products together can feel scary, especially if they're pricey and have active ingredients. I learned the best way to do this from a dermatologist after one of those life-changing, won't-ever-shutup-about-it facials. "First I'll do a mask (I have so many favorites, but right now I'm especially into Bioxidea Miracle 24 Face Mask, $59) to get my skin looking supple, bouncy, and hydrated. Bioxidea's masks have a ton of concentrated serum on them, so afterward I massage the excess into my skin to get it really slippery. I also really like Dr. Colbert's Illumino Face Oil ($150) for that same reason. Then I'll move on to a formula that tightens—La Prairie's Anti‑Aging Rapid Response Booster ($300)—and finish up with something that brightens without irritation like Glossier's Super Glow ($28)."

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