Amber talks BIOXIDEA

The multi-layered, serum-drenched masks deliver free-radical fighting antioxidants and amino acids via a patented “Bio-Cellulose’ hydration method, which is apparently a fermented coconut-juice agent that makes your skin just soak it all in. After taking off the pseudo Halloween costume, you just pat the remaining serum into your skin. Your face will feel like a baby’s butt, and it will look & feel hydrated for like 24 solid hours!!! They even make a mask for the hands, feet, chest and neck!!! I also used the Outline Saver Lip & Eye Anti Wrinkle Serum. Per their website, “The combination of vitalizing active ingredients applied with the Shiatzu massage ball helps to instantly reduce dullness, dark circles, puffiness, as well as wrinkles and laugh lines. Eyes and lips feel instantly revived and primed. Perfect as a quick beauty retouch. Gentle, yet effective. Bioxidea Regenerating Skincare System is free from 6 of the most common harsh chemicals used in cosmetics. For all skin types. Safe on sensitive skin.” I noticed a pretty immediate difference in fine lines when I used it directly before putting on my makeup!! All Bioxidea products are free of parabens, sulfates and mineral oils. Natural. Cruelty free. (via:
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