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Bioxidea home spa

BIOXIDEA is an innovative skincare line that offers a perfect home spa experience. Its natural plant-based ingredients provide long-lasting nourishment and hydration, while its advanced skincare solutions deliver real results with maximum efficacy. Experience visible improvements in skin tone and texture, while protecting and restoring skin's natural balance.
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BIOXIDEA Ève Bastien-Rouleau @evebastien

Ève Bastien-Rouleau @evebastien

Spa, yoga and @bioxidea skincare products, couldn't have asked for a better day! #bioxidea #dulcedomodels #dulcedoselfishbook Many thanks to @glowcleanse for this amazing retreat 💕 #popglow
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BIOXIDEA Jessica Smith @jessican619

Jessica Smith @jessican619

⛅☔ enjoying my rainy afternoon with @bioxidea Miracle24 face mask ☺️and hand mask👋 👻 #bioxidea #beauty #skincare #love #luxury #model
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BIOXIDEA Daniela Botero @danielaboterofficial

Daniela Botero @danielaboterofficial

Love how my skin looks after @bioxidea facial mask 🌸🌸 #bioxidea #bioxideaexcellencegold #facialmask #skincare #danydaily
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BIOXIDEA Ivana Stephani @ivstephani

Ivana Stephani @ivstephani

This bathing beauty was created by @ivstephani
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BIOXIDEA Jessica B @iamjess1ca

Jessica B @iamjess1ca

I'm obsessed with these @bioxidea face masks - they are great during pregnancy when your face feels puffy and great for wrinkles. I'm on my last one so going to have to order a new batch...I ❤️
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BIOXIDEA Elisa Meliani @elisameliani

Elisa Meliani @elisameliani

Bathtime 🛀 with my Miracle Gold Mask ✨ @bioxidea #bioxidea #beauty #luxury #sunday
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BIOXIDEA Jordanna Mae Vyse @jordannavyse

Jordanna Mae Vyse @jordannavyse

Can't even begin to describe my love for this @bioxidea gold face mask. Face feels like a lil ripe 🍑 and it's shimmery ⭐ #bioxidea #goldfacemask
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