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Bioxidea™ Paris Miracle24 Face Mask

When the Miracle24 face mask from Bioxidea arrived at my doorstep, I was instantly smitten with the clean and fresh packaging. It’s hailed to be the “It” beauty brand with an international cult following and I was super excited to give this potent mask a shot. Immediately after the first use, my skin was brighter, smoother, more supple and so much clearer. It felt like I had gone for a face lift! Seriously, my dark circles were lighter and the lines around my eyes were less visible and the result was at its peak after 5 hours and lasted for 24 hours. The 3D Bio-Cellulose mask is said to provide intense hydration and lifts, plumps and firms while improving the skin’s elasticity and collagen production. This girls, is a miracle product indeed!

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